5,91 M 5el OWA 9,65 dBI

For:             DX portion 11 meter band
Antenna Type:    5el OWA
(optimum wide band array)
Designed by:    HPSD version 1.01 Nov 1998
Boom length:     5,91 Meter
Gain:         9,65 dBI (@27,555 Mhz)
FB            >29 dB
FR            >24 dB
Impedance:         50 ohms, direct fed
SWR below 1:1.1     > 1600 KHz.
SWR below 2:1    > 1900 KHz

The 5el OWA, probarbly one of the most famous antennas in the world.

Most antenna manufacturers have one availible.

Above the freespace azimuth plot.

Above the freespace elevation plot

Above the elevation plot when the antenna is situated at 18 meters above average ground.

Above the SWR plot.

Above: Gain versus frequency

Above: front to rear versus frequency

Above: front to back versus frequency


All elements are made out of 5/8 inch and 1/2 inch aluminium tubing.
The center piece of 5/8 inch is 3 meters long. At the end 1/2 tubing needs to be inserted, to make up for the full element length….


Reflector length = 5.582 M
Radiator length = 5.570 M
Director 1 length = 5,240 M
Director 2 length = 5,110 M
Director 3 length = 4,830 M
Reflector to radiator = 1,21 M
Reflector to director 1= 1,48 M
Reflector to director 2= 3,16 M
Reflector to director 3= 5,91 M

Feeding the antenna:

The antenna is 50 ohms.
The radiator (and preferbly all elements)  need to be isolated from the boom. The radiator
Can be split in half and be “direct” fed.
With this said…a 1:1 balun or RF choke is adviced.
(see above picture)

If you need any futher information, please feel free to ask.
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