Cluster / Dxing rules

Below is actually how one should NOT behave on cluster 🙂
Make sure you “spot” a station but put in the wrong DXCC number.
example: 31XX01 could become 231XX01, this will improve your “cluster DXCC” score !
You are allowed to do this 2..3 times a year.
When you call “DX”, .:

Put up a headphone and listen to your self calling: (make sure you have a world map in front of you, this will help with the DXCC names)
Calling CQ, over the north-pole beaming to Micronesia…central pacific…Asia…hello any DX looking for Hawaii..Alaska and other pacific countries..
Repeat the above at least 2..3 times. Then only give your call 1 time and a QSY frequency 1 time.
In that way you will have the least people following you, that will improve your change to call again on 555.


Spot a “rare” DX station, and spot it on a “rare” frequency.
Make sure you put in the comment line a text like “suddenly disappeared”.
Again an extra score for your DXCC list !

(PS you can do this 1..2 times a year).
If you have worked a special DX station, you are obligated to work it again next day, and again, and …again, and yes….again.
Only then the small stations will realize how “big” you are !
Do NOT give them a change to work the station

When you are finished with the QSO, and of course don’t forget to exchange everything including how many relatives you have etc….you MUST say … OK, ill keep it short there are many stations calling.
By doing so, you give the impression you actually care about others.(of course we don’t)


Everybody knows what you are using, but just to be sure…mention each time in with every spot your “type” of antenna
like: “worked on a dipole”. That is really useful information.


Listen to the “big guns” calling, go with them when they QSY and listen to them. They will repeat the call of the station
They are working. It does not matter if you cant hear them…nobody will realize it!
But that gives YOU the change to “spot” them quickly as “SWL”…again improving your overall DX genius mentality.


Linking to the above, Just call the station and pretend you are working it. If you cant hear it, probably most wont.
Of course you MUST say things like : oef difficult with all the others calling etc. .
You could put in the common field ”

oef, i was lucky…shortburst”.

(that always works !)


Of course call, only outside of Europa ! Who do those European guys think they are ?
Your station doesn’t talk with “locals”. DO NOT spot stations within a 2500 Km Range.


If there is a activation going on, and you have worked it…

You are allowed to put in the comment field“itl good activation”!  It is only a good activation, after YOU have worked it, let that be clear to ALL


Watch the message  board, there will be a large DX station providing a U-stream for others to lisnen the DX.Your in luck !
At least now you know when to call, and when your really lucky the DX migth evan hear you ! It will look like you actually worked the DX !…well done !
Sometimes a honest DXer actually spots a “nice” DXCC.

You should go directly to that frequency, DO NOT listen, but immediately start calling the “DX” on that frequency. Again, it is not important if you do not hear the DX or the station working it. Enhanced DXer may call the call sign of the DX station or his name, that will make you look like a “pro”.


Work as many as possible /mm stations. You can fill in any DXCC you want as long as the boat is “close” to the DXCC. It wont count for a “real” DXCC, but it will improve your DXCC score !


Make sure you have as many as possible DX stations using “skype”. It just sounds so impressive if you can “phone” them…real friends !


If you worked something “special” but you didnt had “cluster” with you, feel free to spot it the next day.

(or 30min /1 hr later, as long as the DX is gone its fine..)

The information is still very relevant !

Everybody must know you worked it, and again…it will

improve your cluster DXCC score.


Antenna information 27 Mhz