1,20 M 2el V-Yagi

Most 2el yagi’s are have either gain or front to back.

A exception to this rule is the 2el V-Yagi.

Based on a original idea from k6STI.

Designed by HPSD 01-10-2013



The freespace azimuth plot 6 dBI and a front to back of 30,32 dB.

The freespace elevation plot.

The elevation plot at 10 meters height above average ground.

The impedance of this version is 33 Ohms. A gamma-match or equivelant is needed.


The antenna is made out of MACO TUBING:

The center part of each element is:

15,875 diameter and 1,8288 meter long

The tips are 12,7mm (1/2 inch) and as long as the element lenght needs to be.

The bend part of the radiator is 1,574 meter long

The reflector has a total length of :  5,3 meters.


Antenna information 27 Mhz