1,53 M 2el quad long 8,46 dBi

For:             DX portion 11 meter band
Antenna Type:    2el Quadlong
based on a original idea of DK7ZB
Modified by:    HPSD version 1.01 april 2013
Boom length:     1,53 Meter
Gain:         8,46 dBI (@27,555 Mhz)
FB            <20 dB
FR            <18 dB
Impedance:         28 ohms
SWR below 1:1.1     > 100 Khz.
SWR below 2:1    > 550 Khz

Below the azimuth plot (8,46 dBI)

Below the elvation plot (8,46dBI)

The SWR plot:


The Quadlong is a antenna we do not see often on 27 Mhz.

But with only 1,53 meter boomlength it migth be a great antenna for those running the “portable set-up”.



Refector (s)- loop = 1,53 meter


REFLECTOR = 22mm thick and 5,46 meter long

The loop has a heigth of 3,99 meter and a width of 1,593 meter.


The antenna has a impedance of 28 Ohms it can be fed with a gamma-match or hairpin match etc.

Another good options is do what DK7ZB does:





Antenna information 27 Mhz