3,95 M 4el FMR 9,09 dBI


For:             DX portion 11 meter band
Antenna Type:    4el  FMR
Folded Moxon Radiator (UA9TC/G6XN)
Designed by:    HPSD version 1.01 Nov 2012
Boom length:     3,95 Meter
Gain:         9,09 dBI (@27,555 Mhz)
FB            <30 dB
FR            <28 dB
Impedance:         50 ohms, direct fed
SWR below 1:1.1     > 400 Khz.
SWR below 2:1    > 800 Khz

Above the azimuth plot. Producing 9,09 dBI and a front to back over 30 dB.

The elevation plot….amazing tight !

A direct 50 ohm impedance, NO MATCHING LOSS !
A SWR below 1:1 between 27.3 and 27.65 Mhz.

All elements are made with 25/20/16 mm according the above picture.
The radiating element is a folded dipole. They are 11cm separated.

The antenna is designed with the use of NEC4.
Bare in mind the “standard” nec2 (eznec plus etc) is not capable of producing the same results.

If you need other diameters, please mail.

not for commercial use




Antenna information 27 Mhz